At Dawn, we understand trauma and are here to help.

Trauma Defined:

Trauma is a significant event that is, or appears to be, threatening or devastating to the persons involved and can affect their day-to-day activities making it hard for them to function. While there are no objective criteria to evaluate which events cause post-traumatic symptoms, circumstances typically involve lack of a safe caregiver, divorce, injury, pain, confusion, loss, helplessness, abuse and/or neglect.

We are here for you.

A message from our founder and lead therapist, Dr. Crystal Krueger.

How we can Help Heal Prevent

Dawn exists to help you and your family heal from trauma. We provide the most relevant and effective treatment for all ages.  We also support parents and siblings because we understand trauma does not only affect the individual but the entire family.

Our Team

With one of our core values being excellence, we strive to reflect this value in the services provided at Dawn. We do this by training our therapists in the best practice models on an ongoing basis. Our team is passionate about mental health and the people we serve. At Dawn, we are here to help you prevent and overcome the effects of trauma.

"Therapy that is relevant, genuine,
and values the whole-person."
- Dawn Client

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe it’s important that you feel a connection with your therapist. Contact our office for a free 30-minute meet and greet to ask questions and make sure the therapist is a good fit for you and your family. Next, we schedule an intake and, if you are using insurance, we can help walk you through the process for payment.

Dawn Institute currently accepts Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Optum (formerly United Healthcare). Other insurances may reimburse clients for Dawn’s therapy services. We encourage clients to reach out to their insurance carrier to understand benefits. Dawn also has grant funding available for children under 18 who have been sexually abused.

While we do involve parents and caregivers in their children’s treatment, this depends on the child’s age. The younger the child, the more involved a parent will be. The older the child, the more they take ownership of their treatment meaning less involvement of the parent.

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