Children & Adolescents Counseling

At Dawn, we provide evidence-based practices in treating child victims of crime and other childhood trauma.  We offer a child-friendly, warm atmosphere that allows children to feel safe and heard.  

Forms of treatment include EMDR, sand tray play therapy, Theraplay, play therapy, and mindfulness.  We also work in a collaborative effort with parents to best equip them for helping their children heal.

We believe trauma does not affect just the child; the whole family system feels the effects of trauma.  For this reason, we work parents, caregivers, and the whole family to provide resources and the support needed for stability and recovery.


Is Your Child Experiencing...

  • bedwetting
  • not eating or over eating
  • isolating
  • nightmares
  • jumpiness around new people
  • showing little interest in fun activities
  • fears that get in the way of normal life