About Us


Our mission is to support the prevention and healing of trauma through innovative mental health services that treat the whole person, equip parents and nurture resilient families.


Transforming the mental health field through efficiency, collaboration, and excellence in client care, research and education.


These are the values that guide and unite us at Dawn Institute:
  • Excellence – At Dawn, we are committed to being set apart through excellence in the services we provide both as an organization and as individual providers. Our commitment, in all encounters, is to the people we serve, our partners, and our staff members.
  • Togetherness – Families and organizations tend to flourish when a sense of comradery is present. Recognizing this, we encourage togetherness in the families we serve and in our team at Dawn Institute.
  • Efficiency – Through continual improvement of streamlined processes, we seek to understand the unique needs of each family and to provide well-defined and competent care.
  • Integrity – It is with integrity and ethics that Dawn Institute commits to the families we serve to remain present and to build lasting trust.

"This is way more than talk therapy and has produced measurable results in my life."
~Dawn Client

Our Story

The birth of a revolutionary idea: My name is Dr. Crystal Krueger and I have been in the mental health field long enough to see a significant disparity in counseling services. While working with children who were victimized, I came to realize both the benefits of counseling and the need to better understand the full extent of trauma, such as chemical imbalances, developmental delays, and neurological deficits. In an effort to truly help clients, I found myself suggesting they see a medical provider for extensive blood panels and trying to walk caregivers through the referral process for getting neuropsychological and developmental assessments. I was hitting a lot of barriers as some caregivers simply didn’t have the time and others were given the runaround. It was challenge after challenge.

I couldn’t help but wonder if this could all be available under one roof?

I put together a team to help me explore the plausibility of this extraordinary idea. The team included my dad, who is a retired successful business owner and great visionary; my sister, who is a jack-of-all trades and an organizing extraordinaire; and myself, a doctor in behavioral health with 8 years of therapeutic experience.  We spent the next two years brainstorming ways to bring it to fruition. Dawn Institute was born.

In August of 2018, we took the first step in creating a place for treating the whole-person under one roof. We opened our private practice and began offering counseling, assessments, and training.  With an integrative mindset, in the coming years we will continue to build our team and partnerships to become the home for all of the services we believe in, including developmental and neuropsychological assessment, blood panels, and advocacy services.

How can we help your family heal?

The Dawn Institute is currently accepting new patients.