Breaking the Cycle

Parenting Group
Facilitator Dezeree Martinez, LPC

Cost $40 per Session

Breaking the Cycle is a 12-session group to help parents strengthen skills to recognize the social, emotional, and psychological needs of their children while teaching them healthy ways to meet those needs. Parents will learn how early childhood experiences influence their child’s later adjustment to life.

Parents will process through and gain insight into how each of the following effect the parent-child relationship:

  • family conflicts
  • the impact of addiction
  • attachment
  • family dynamics
  • social development
  • values
  • the impact of untreated mental health disorders
  • boundaries
  • the effects of childhood trauma

Topics covered:

Raising a securely attached child

Adult children of parents with addiction/untreated mental health issues

Dysfunctional family systems/roles

Healthy family structure

Healthy boundaries

Social development

Identifying childhood trauma responses, long-term effects, and raising a child with trauma

Development of values

Parenting styles

Becoming an confident parent

Healthy discipline

Strengths-based parenting

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