BASE TM Training 

Relational Bodywork And Somatic EducationTM
A Relational Touch Training For Trauma Therapists

BASE 2: Social Engagement & Orienting Structures

September 20-23, 2024 

Cost: $800 per weekend (early payment discount if paid July 15, 2024)
Cost: $1000 per weekend (after July 15, 2024)
Location: Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, 1130 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 

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A Relational Touch Training For Trauma Therapists

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What is BASETM Training Bodywork And Somatic EducationTM

Relational Bodywork and Somatic EducationTM , BASETM is for therapists and bodyworkers who want to deepen and broaden their skill and understanding of trauma and the body. This will be accomplished by hands-on practice, lecture and demonstrations with students. In BASETM we look at how specific anatomical structures are impacted by autonomic
dysregulation associated with incomplete flight, fight and tonic immobilization structurally, behaviorally and relationally, and how to help bring them back into resilience, flow and ease using hands-on interventions and somatic education
(facilitating learning from within). The goal of this training is for you to become an effective and efficient attuned bodyworker/somatics practitioner working with clients who have been traumatized and have pain, syndromes, PTSD, relational problems, anxiety, trauma from NDE, anesthesia, ASC, etc.
Tracking/Attunement skills for practitioners who use little or no touch in their practices will find that their ability to track a client’s body will improve dramatically. Bodyworkers and other touch practitioners will refine their hands-on listening/ tracking abilities with greater specificity.

BASETM is intended to help develop hands-on touch skills of
psychotherapists and refine sensing-hands skills of bodyworkers who work with traumatized clients.

Looking forward to:

BASE 3 December 6-9, 2024 Bones, Eyes, Somatic
Relational Receiving

Cancellation Policy

If cancellation is 30 or more days prior to start date of a module or workshop there is a full refund less $50; 15-30 days prior to start date there will be 50% refund less $50. Less than 15 days prior to start date there is no refund. Payment can be by check, cash or online as specified on registration and information materials. Refunds need to be request from Dr. Crystal Kruegar,

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