Mental Health Support for the Holidays: Is it ok to isolate? What if I don’t want to see my family?

Is the holiday season hard for you instead of joyous?

For many survivors of trauma, holidays may represent anniversaries and reminders of the past hurt or traumatic experiences. For those individuals even the slight prospect of visiting family or friends can bring up feelings of shame, fear, dread or ambivalence, leaving them trapped and unable to cope.

Unfortunately trauma is the gift that keeps on giving. At Dawn we understand trauma and we understand that the holidays can bring out many of those past experiences that we thought were behind us.

We are here to support you through the holidays.

Take some time to care for yourself with us:

  • to ask questions
  • address ways which we can prepare ourselves and hopefully deflect some of the increased stress of the holidays

During this time, we will address common topics and encourage you to bring your own.

Join us for all the sessions or any of them.

Dates and Topics:
11/29 at 12pm: Why do I feel so sad? Angry? Anxious?
12/7 at 12pm: How do I take care of myself during the holidays?
12/15 at 12pm: Is it ok to isolate? What if I don’t want to see my family?
12/22 at 12pm: How can I manage stress?




Dec 15 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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