Month: March 2021

Quality Time With Our Teens

“I was thinking we should do date nights with the kids each week,” I said to my husband as my effort to get enough one-on-one time with each of our five children.  “If we rotated the kids each week then you and I alternated every other week, but we would have to switch it up at some point so that we would also alternate who takes who so each of the kids gets time with each of us…”  If my intricate and detailed kid date night was confusing for you, you are not alone… it was for my husband too. 

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Creating Routines

If you are currently navigating parenthood of a school-aged child for the first time, you may be experiencing a sense of being overwhelmed. As children enter this new realm, it proves to be an adjustment for all… “How do I fit in parent-teacher conferences, homework, social engagements, etc. etc. etc. in addition to all of life’s other demands?” This is where structure and routine become a necessity for all. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, children (at any age) need structure and consistency. However, when life begins to throw additional responsibilities yours and your child’s way, structure and consistency

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