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Understanding Teens: When is it more than normal mood swings

It’s normal for teens to be moody but when are the mood swings a sign of something more? Understanding teens is not impossible, we promise. Teenage Behaviors In the adolescent and teenage years, it is very common for young people to start pushing for more independence, engaging in more risky behavior, and challenging authority.  Essentially, the teen brain is wired to test limits and distance themselves from parents as they begin to individualize.  And while some do this in a “healthy” way, some teens seem to go to extremes.  Separateness Teenagers become irritable as they begin to develop an identity

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‘Tis the season to… cry, grieve, to feel blue.

So much of what we hear and see in this season is reminiscent of joy and cheer.  It can almost feel like an expectation.  But what if we just can’t? This season can actually be challenging to get through at all, even more so with a cheerful mood.  It reminds of us of who we don’t have and what we didn’t get that we needed.  Let me explain.  The first, simple answer to this, which is true for so many people is that this time of year reminds us of people we loved that we have lost.  Lost to death.

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Depression…it’s kind of normal!

Society has this negative view of depression…that it’s bad, it’s something we need to run from, or we shouldn’t confront it because it could make things worse, or we may be scared of it.  But in actuality, depression is pretty normal!  So many people experience symptoms of depression, that doesn’t mean they are depressed.  It is a part of life; life is a roller coaster of happy and not so happy emotions.  Life can be really hard at times, and so can depression.  How do we understand more about depression and what that means for us?  With October being Depression

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