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12 Ways to Help Your Child Stay Calm

There are so many wonderful things about this time of year—family tradition, gifts, spending time with people we love. This wonderful time of year can also bring on big feelings that are not so good. It can be the jam-packed social calendar, deadlines at school or work, the loss of a loved one, or all of the above. Just as parent stress increases due to lack of time, financial pressure, gift-giving, and family gatherings, kid stress can increase as well. The greatest gift we can give our kids, though, is the gift of being able to calm themselves when they

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What Does REGULATION Mean Anyway?

“I am in my feels.” This quote is from a song, but it is a rather common phrase as of late.  The statement means, “I am in my feelings”, or “I am feeling my feelings deeply”.  This is an experience many of us have throughout our day. The strong feelings that come with daily stressors of managing work life, home life, relationships, finances, or big decisions.  These strong feelings can be sad, happy, angry, excited, passionate, guilt, love, or jealousy, along with many others.  Many times, these feelings come and go quickly.  One thing that often gets confused is the difference between feelings, that we

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Summer Time with our Toddlers

This blog is specifically for our Arizona families! For many past blogs I have spoken about the importance of co-regulation. The wonderful art of regulating our own emotions before reacting to our children. The art of co-regulation is not easy! BELIEVE ME!! However, it is a practice that can really ease many of the tantrums, fits, and outbursts that our very young children experience often. When we are able to regulate ourselves, we become less reactive and more responsive to the needs of our children. Think of it! When you come home after a hard day of work, and our

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