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Challenge. Nurture. Repeat.

Several years ago, I was walking through the primate exhibit at the zoo when a baby monkey caught my eye.  If you ever want to get my attention quickly, put a baby anything within my view and I will be captivated.  So, there I was oooing and aaaaing over this cute little animal.  As I was watching the baby monkey, I couldn’t help but notice something happening between the mother monkey and the baby.  Let me see if I can paint this picture. At initial glance, they mother and infant were cozied up together with the baby clinging to the

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Infant And Early Childhood Mental Health

Many times I get asked the following questions:Why would children that young need therapy?Children so young will not remember these years anyway?What are they supposed to talk about? These are all good questions! When we discuss Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health, we are focusing on children aged 0-5 years old. This stage of life is a period of rapid multidimensional development! Their little brains are literally sponges seeking and gaining new information all the time. Due to this, sometimes as parents we just do not realize how quickly they are developing and interpreting their experiences! In these moments, little

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