Importance of Positive Relationships for Our Mental Health

Importance of Positive Relationships for Our Mental Health

Relationships of all types have a direct effect on our day to day lives and emotions.  I’m sure you’ve experienced having a fight with your kiddo or teen, partner, family member, boss, etc. and it just put you in a bad mood…I know I have!  That’s because interactions and connections affect our mind and our body. 

Positive vs Negative Talk

I often find myself having a talk with my clients about positive and negative language.  Consider the social experiments schools had their students do a plant.  If not seen it, watch it here.  Definitely worth it!  The school took two plants and instructed children to speak negatively to one and positively to the other.  The plant that was spoken to negatively ended up wilting and dying rather quickly.  The plant that was praised and spoken to positively flourished and grew beautifully. 

            So the reason for this little story is to share that our words have a direct effect on our health, physically and emotionally.  When we surround ourselves with people who make us happy, who add positivity, we thrive as human beings! 

If we don’t surround ourselves with positive people, if we isolate, we aren’t giving our minds and bodies the opportunity to thrive and flourish beyond what we give it ourselves.  Have you ever spent time talking to a friend, had a great date night, or a really positive environment at work, then later felt so motivated, energized, fulfilled?  That’s why…you’re surrounding yourself with positive energy, which in turn makes you feel better and happier.

Positive Connections 

Humans are designed for connection.  It’s in our biology.  We are not meant to be alone.  We thrive and flourish when we feel connected with other people.  Without getting too scientific, when we feel connected it fires all sorts of good chemicals through our brain which counteracts or decreases mental health symptoms. 

This is one of the many reasons when I process through trauma with clients, we talk about the importance of using their resources and supports.  It can be a good thing to take some time for yourself, but we shouldn’t isolate.  We should make sure that we are using our friends and family to ignite these chemicals in our brain.  I can’t tell you how many clients say after spending some time with friends they felt better for a little bit, felt more motivated, and more accomplished. 

Now I’m not saying surrounding yourself with positive people is the end all be all to mental health…but it does definitely have a significant impact!  There has been a direct connection between symptoms of depression and positive relationships, or lack there of. 

When we feel connected, we feel like we have the tools and support to figure out what we are going through.  We feel secure.  So it’s important, even when we are feeling the opposite of secure, to make sure that we are fostering healthy, positive relationships with our friends, family and loved ones.

As a reminder, we are here to help you create the healing and space needed for positive relationships. Contact us today.