My Partner Won’t Go with Me to Couples Therapy

My Partner Won’t Go with Me to Couples Therapy

What do you do if your partner doesn’t believe in couples therapy or doesn’t think it is needed?  You can’t force someone to go to therapy, but you can see if they are willing to try.

Try A Different Approach

This problem is super common and there are many factors that can play a role in couples therapy. If your partner is hesitant to give it a shot, there are ways to approach it with them.

  • Start with having a conversation about why they are don’t believe in it. To be a supportive partner, your first step should always be to listen to their concerns. Then, you can try to address some of their worries.
  • See if can come to a compromise and try just a few sessions, with the agreement that they can end it at any time.
  • Seek support from family or friends, someone they look up to or respect, or even celebrity idols have been to therapy.  Their example helps to normalize therapy and can help if they are worried about the social stigma that therapy has.  This could also help if culture plays a role in not wanting to get therapy. 
  • For a partner who doesn’t feel the relationship needs therapy, I’d recommend communicating with them that you just want to make the relationship even better and you’d like some extra info on how to do that.  Reassure them that going to therapy doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the relationship, or you’re on the verge of separation or divorce. It means you want to make something good, better with some extra tools. 
  • Let your partner know you want their support in getting the support you need for yourself.  I know that can be a bit vulnerable, which is super, super scary, but it can help you both in the long run as it will help your relationship become stronger than before. 

2.0 Version of the Relationship

As a therapist to couples, I have had a client tell me they felt like this is the 2.0 version of the relationship. I really liked that!  It’s not that the relationship wasn’t great before, it’s that it’s the newest and latest version with added features and improvements.

At Dawn, we are here to help, to answer any questions and relieve the feelings of being alone in this….because you’re not!!  Couples therapy is space to not just work through challenges together but also to feel enriched and nourished by focused time together. Contact us to get started.