new year, new goals

New Year, New Goals

It’s that time of year again when we set goals to better ourselves in some way. Studies show that 90% of our goals will be abandoned by the first weeks of February. There are a lot of reasons why we don’t stick with it. Whether your goals are centered around health, self care, or are financially based, here are ways to ensure your success.

  1. Create realistic goals. Many times, we create resolutions or goals that are simply too big to achieve. If you’ve never run before, don’t sign up for a marathon, instead start with a 5k run. Putting too much pressure on yourself can cause you to procrastinate or give up all together. Don’t obsess over any failures or fantasies- focus on the here and now. What can you do today to help get you closer to your goal?
  2. Create specific goals. If you want to pursue a new job, get specific about the type of job or field you would like to pursue. It can be difficult when you are not sure what your goal is. Instead of goals such as “get in shape,” “get out of debt,” or “worry less,” set SMART goals—specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. By setting up the exact parameters of your goal, it will be much easier to come up with an action plan.
  3. Create a support system. Don’t do it alone. If you are not held accountable, it is much easier to give up on your goal. Surround yourself with people who have like-minded goals or even willing to do it with you. Be aware of people that are negative, draining, or become too competitive.

Overall, remember to start with self care and self love.

Start with these questions to help determine positive, achievable goals.

  • What are your true interests and intents?
    • Is the resolution you’ve set something you really want to do for yourself? Or is it something you think you should be doing for yourself? If you really don’t enjoy running, then why tell yourself you should start running X amount of miles every week? You’ll only end up disappointing yourself when the resolution quickly falls to the wayside. Make goals that you actually want to achieve for yourself and want to put a plan of action toward.
  •  What resources can you afford to put towards your goal?
    • It’s easy to give up on a resolution when the associated expenses become too high. For example, a monthly pass at a yoga studio can cost $100 a month, which can quickly add up as the months go on. Instead, be creative and try to find inexpensive or free ways you can work out without having to drain your bank account—like a fitness app or YouTube channel.
    • It’s easy to give up on a goal when the associated time it takes also becomes too high. Be realistic with your schedule and how much time you can dedicate to it. To help you succeed, do things like break the goal up into smaller, manageable increments instead. Try setting aside 15 minutes every day. That way, you’ll feel accomplished every day and the task won’t feel overwhelming. Plus, over time, you’ll create new, positive habits.

As you work toward your goals, remember to not be too hard on yourself. Try not to see the situation in black and white but know there will be gray days. Always celebrate and focus on the wins, taking it one day at a time. Try to give yourself the compassion and support that you would give a friend who was aiming for a goal.

And always remember, the team at Dawn is here for you to support your goals to be healthy in 2022. Have a wonderful, happy, healthy New Year.