Summer Time with Intentional Time

Many of us are entering the second half of our summer festivities. Many of us have enjoyed the festivities of Memorial Day Weekend and the Fourth of July Weekend. Many of us have taken vacations and made plans for “get-aways” that we haven’t been afforded in the last year due to COVID and the pandemic. We all have different ways of celebrating this time of year with camping trips, out-of-state excursions, and swimming.

This month we have been blogging to assist families in their preparation for the summer days to come where BOREDOM emerges. We have tried to provide tips and strategies for our very young children, our school-aged children, and our adolescents. However, with all these tips and strategies, we must remember where our own state of mind is during the summer months as adults, and the importance of intentional time with our families.

Summer Time Cycles

You see, as summer progresses, many parents must work. Due to work, we often have responsibilities and stressors that impact our daily experience and cause us a variety of challenges. We must often find care for our children, with the hope that they will be provided with the opportunity of entertainment and activity. After their day of fun, parents resume the care of their children. Sometimes, they come into this time tired and worn-out from the hot summer days.

Due to this summer wearing, we often find ourselves pushing our children to enjoy some “alone” time and encourage them to find some activity of occupation. There are many of you that stay at home with your children. For these parents, where school is often a time of respite, they are finding none. Instead, you are your child’s greatest plaything and activity provider. Due to this, you may become worn out from the constant activity of your child, and the recognition that this will not end until school resumes. Now some of you have come to accept this summer day experience. However, many of you may be considering in this moment, is there another way to be aware of this cycle and stop it.

Summer Time Balance

Yes! We must be aware of our own feelings regarding the summer experience. When we are aware of our thoughts and approach toward these summer months, we can change our behavior to improve the experience. By acknowledging that we may be tired, stressed, “hot”, and weary, we can take steps to ensure we are taking care of ourselves. Remember, we may need to do things to assist us in finding balance, so that we can provide the very best of ourselves to our families. Self-care is accomplished by managing all the areas of our well-being, please see the following link for more information

When we become aware of our own behavior, and have taken steps to improve our overall well-being, we can focus on our children and families. You see no matter how our children are filling their days in the summer, there is one thing that can help families…Intentional Time.

Many of you may have considered this before when you have heard

“it’s not about quantity but about quality”.

I strongly believe in this sentiment. I believe that intentional time is quality time. To be intentional is to act with purpose. What is your purpose in spending time with your children? Is it to show them love, to build relationships, to connect to them, to teach them, or to grow with them? Think about being intentional as you enter the second half of your summer month. How do you want to spend your time with your children, what do you want to accomplish, and how do you hope to ensure a strong relationship?

Through these considerations you may find a new way to spend the rest of your summer!