Thank You, Simone.

Mental health. 

Such a loaded two words.  Rightfully so, given the lengthy history of stigma and abuse that happened in the mental health field before many of our lifetimes.  Yet, this stigma remains.

After spending a year in a primary care clinic, I’ve been amazed at the ease in which people will discuss bodily ailments (even very private ones) and yet, many of us cringe at the thought of talking about our mental health.  For some reason this can feel so much more vulnerable.  For this reason, I have a great appreciation for those who help to de-stigmatize our mental health.

Thank you, Simone Biles. 

This week you have used the spotlight and social media to reflect the importance of caring for our mental health. You have made a bold and priceless statement that our mental health is as important (and interconnected) with our physical health.  Thank you.

I hope that we can all learn from Simone’s beautiful example of courage and vulnerability.  I hope we learn that is just as okay to say we need to take care of our mental health as we would our hearts, lungs, and digestive system… and we don’t have to be afraid to do so.

 It’s okay to talk about mental health.