Dr. Crystal: Why I Became A Therapist

“You don’t work a day in your life if you love what you do.”

 Providing mental health support to people is so much more than a job for me.  I love what I do and truly believe this is what I’m built for.  Honestly though, this wasn’t my original my plan.  In my early 20’s I had anticipated going into corporate America and eventually working my way up to the corporate level.  Life had a different plan.

It was a call.

While I was attending college for business, I decided to take a semester off with the anticipation of the birth of my second baby.  Little did I know, this would be a game changer for me.  During this break, I felt a nudge… a call if you will, to go to school for counseling.  Almost complete with a bachelor’s degree, I changed majors and lost half my credits.  To this day, I do not regret that move.  It propelled me into my profession and life’s passion as a therapist… and I couldn’t image my life any other way.

While the reason I made to this move was a life nudge.  There are many reasons why I have become passionate about what I do.

Every day I see resilience, boldness, and an ability to heal in the people I work with. 

I am endlessly honored by the people who allow me to walk the journey of life with them for a season.  I have found that in the midst of hardship and tragedy, I am able to see the best in people.  I am honored to see people’s natural growth and natural ability to move forward and even grow from these experiences.

I am a nerd.

I have learned along my own journey that I love to learn and grow.  I have become quite well versed in the neurobiology of trauma and the physiology of mental health.  Whenever I read new information, I find myself excited and invigorated with the information and love passing this on to other people for their own growth and healing.

I believe people do not have to suffer. 

Sometimes I can see the sadness and anger that comes from tragedy… and I understand why these are there.  The pain of what happened we cannot change, but people do not have to suffer afterwards.  Deep within each of us, is the capacity to move forward and find wellness.  Sometimes we just need the support to get there.  I believe this is true for us human beings.  I love being there when people learn this about themselves. 

To give kids a better launch and to help families heal. 

After learning about the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (I encourage you to do a little Google research), I understood the life-long impact tough stuff could have on children.  Life is messy in everyone’s life and I am passionate about preventing these challenges early on so that children and families can have stability and mental health well-being throughout their whole lives. 

I could go on and on about why I love what I do.  I love to provide awareness and education to communities about mental health and trauma.  I enjoy the unique personalities of the people I work with.  I love training new therapist.  For me, this is a passion. A life’s call.  And I couldn’t image in any other way.

Please feel free to reach out to me or my team if we can help you or your family heal or learn more about mental health. I’d love to hear from you today.